Share your reviews increase trust + sales.

Increase your website conversions using the reputation you've already built everywhere else, with TrustWidget.

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Effortlessly Show Visitors You Are The Real Deal

It's 2024 and reviews are everything. The TrustWidget gives you a simple and elegant way to establish trust with your website visitors.

Customized For Your Brand

Our fully customizable widget can be designed to match the aesthetic of your brand. Make it pop or blend it in, the options are limitless.

Increased Conversion Rates

We've tested the TrustWidget for years and have seen increases of as much as 250% in conversions. We guarantee an increase or it's free.

Longer Time On-Site

Establishing trust and credibility with your website visitors by sharing your reviews, increases their interest in your brand, leading to longer time on-site.

Own Your Reviews

With TrustWidget, your reviews are YOUR reviews. Keep the reviews visible that YOU want visible.

SEO - All The Time

Sharing your reviews increases your SEO foundation by providing regularly updated keyword rich content.

Filter Reviews

Do you have a few reviews that you aren't proud of?  With review filtering, you can avoid them altogether.

No Code Required For A Fully Branded Widget.

We've perfected the TrustWidget with an incredibly user-friendly setup process to connect all your revelant accounts.

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< 5 Minute Installation

Get the TrustWidget installed on your site within the next 5 minutes and start feeling its impact today.

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Match your brand aesthetic

Unlike other review widgets, our fully customizable widget allows you to display your reviews in the most elegant way possible.

The Ultimate In Pro-Trust Technology

TrustWidget showcases recent text and photo reviews, to give your visitors exactly what they want to help them make a decision.

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A Picture Is Worth 1000.....

Whether you are selling montessori toys on etsy, or promoting your wedding venue on Google, TrustWidget pulls photos attached to reviews for the ultimate in trust-establishing technology.

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Filter Out The Haters

You run an incredible business that regularly gets 4 and 5 star reviews. Our widget allows you to filter out the reviews where you weren't at your best.  It is YOUR website afterall.

Try it free for 7 days.

How to get started

Installing the TrustWidget couldn't be any easier. Follow these three steps to start establishing more trust with your website visitors TODAY!


Create + Connect

Create an account on ShareMyStars and Connect your shop using the automated sequence.


Customize Your TrustWidget

Choose colors, sizing, fonts, and orientation, to create the ultimate display of your best work.


Launch + Enjoy

Launch your TrustWidget and experience the joy of knowing you are putting your best foot forward with your website visitors.

What our clients say

Experience what 2,000,000+ other site owners know to be true.  Sharing your reviews, WORKS. Do it better with TrustWidget.

“I swear this doubled our sales...

PlayWilder Toys has been a top seller in Montessori toys on Etsy since 2020, generating thousands of purchases each year. TrustWidget helped their website grow to over 40% of their total revenue.

Griffin Hill
CEO of PlayWilder Toys

“The best app for trading

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Matt Cannon
VP of Marketing at Facebook
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